Table Top Resin          Bar Top Resin   

A 2-gallon kits consists of 1 gallon of part A (resin) and 1 gallon of Part B (catalyst)

Buy one of the 2-gallon kits for $72.95

Buy 2 of the 2-gallon kits for only $68.95

   per 2-gallon kit

4 of the 2-gallon kits are only $65.95

   per 2-gallon kit

Tabletop resin encapsulates

rope, seashells, faux coins,

sand, and a sea urchin on this table fashioned from wood

from an old ship.

Perfect job!

Nice job!  

Photos embedded

and protected with table top resin create an ambiance!

This conversation piece has glossy perfection.

Pigments swirled in clear layers

over a pigmented coat lends a southwest ambiance to this restaurant.

Newly finished bar coated with

Superez table top


​Customers do wonderful things with Superez Table Top a.k.a. Bar Top Resin! Be creative! Here are some pictures of customers' masterpieces.

There are many names for table top resin such as bar top resin, bartop resin, tabletop resin, epoxy resin, epoxy bar top resin, epoxy table top resin, restaurant table coating, liquid glass, clear coating, countertop resin, countertop epoxy, decoupage resin etc.  No matter what term you use to name it, Superez will do the job!

Artist's beautiful


coated with

bartop resin

Be creative!

Bar top AFTER Superez Table Top Resin application

Pigments are also available. We will be glad to email you a color chart.

Bar top BEFORE Superez Table Top Resin applied.

Clear coats with "confetti"

over a solid black coat create depth.

Use for tables, bars, plaques, artwork, wood projects and more!

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Bar top resin

reflecting objects

in this well constructed job.

Add glitter to a clear layer over a colored coating

Granite look


by this 

expert bar designer

on this modern bar.

Cool idea!

Great look to 

this classy bar.

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Sponge painted before

table top resin applied.

Create a marble look

Create a primitive look. 

Our customers are very



Table Top Resin is a clear coating used to coat tables and bars

or to decoupage plaques. This clear glossy coating is

a 1:1 mixture and is sold in 2 gallon kits. The ever popular

Superez covers 25 sq. ft. per gallon at 3/32" thick. Most customers

prefer to use at least 2 coats. Color pigments are available if a colored

coating is desired.

The pigment is added to the resin at 1 ounce of pigment for each quart

of resin. Customers incorporate menus, baseball cards, photos,

seashells, rope, coins, medallions, straw, fabrics and a variety of items

in the resin to create unique surfaces and conversation pieces.

This resin has a very good U.V. inhibitor in it. Superez can be applied over practically any solid

material, rough or smooth. Use it over certificates, diplomas, newspaper clippings, photos, etc. Ideal for home, office, or boat bars or tables. Superez preserves the beauty of wood , laminate, or metal for many years longer than it would last otherwise. It has been used as a commercial product in restaurants for more than 25 years. Other uses for Superez include the covering of paintings, ceramics, mementos, wood sculpture, cutting boards, signs, mosaics and tile. Superez is used for label doming, electrical potting, encapsulation of metals to prevent oxidation, and also as a coating for styrofoam. Customers have created unique bar and table surfaces by embedding bottle caps, sand, coins, seashells, hair, dried pasta, newspaper clippings, coasters, beer labels, baseball cards, photos, menus, artist sketches and murals, etc. This item has been used commercially as well as by creative individuals. Artists find so many uses for this product. Try it and have fun. If you have a table that could use a new surface or you have a decoupage project, this is the product for you.