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   Don't see the silicone kit with the characteristics your project requires?

   We sell silicones with various  durometers and tear strengths....tell us what you are              looking for and we will quote you.

RPD 140 -   is a 2 component room temperature cure silicone that is an excellent choice

for intricate patterns for skin molding where a higher durometer (38-42) tough rubber with

dimensional stability is required.  Great for molds for furniture or picture frame replication,

monument restoration, architectural moldings, and prototypes.  24 hour demold time.    

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Silicone moldmaking material is a rubber base and a catalyst that when combined will harden around your original object and create a perfect imprint.  When the original is removed you can now make duplicate copies of your original.  We sell a very high quality silicone because your project is important.

RPD122 is the most popular. This is a 10:1 mix by weight and demold time is 24 hours. 

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Silicone moldmaking material is also known as RTV silicones.  Room temperature vulcanization rubber is what RTV stands for.  These silicone rubber materials are 2 part kits.  The base is the rubber and the catalyst is the hardener.  These R.T.V. moldmaking materials come in many durometers.

Moldmaking Materials

RPD 260 - This is a 2 component room temperature addition cure silicone  that is great for

moldmaking of furniture, picture frames, architectural moldings, and pad printing.

High durometer (60), with excellent dimensional stability.  Good for casting with polyesters

and epoxies as well as rigid and foam polyurethane resin castings.  Demold time is 8-12 hours.

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RPD 122

11 LB Kit  $  169.95

44 LB Kit  $  529.00

RPD 122 - The most popular silicone kit. This flexible rubber is a durometer of 21-25 and it is ideal

for patterns with deep undercuts where dimensional stability becomes important.

Ideal for picture frames, furniture, architectural molding, glove molding, prototypes,

monument restoration, figurines and small to large statues.  Excellent tear resistance.

    11 LB kit $169.95    44 LB kit $529.00