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Magic-Sculpt is also called Magic-Sculp and also spelled MagicSculpt and MagicSculp.  This is referred to as an epoxy clay as well as a sculpting clay.

This amazing compound has so many uses!

$40.99 for a 5-Lb Kit

Use for:


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Use for: Boat repairs, pipe leaks, doll-making, sculpture, taxidermy, muffler repairs, stripped screw holes, pool plumbing, underwater repairs, arts and crafts and much more!

Need a filler for another medium?

​Need to repair a hole in just about anything?

​Need to cast a part from a rigid or rubber mold?

​Need to create a smooth or textured surface?

Need a block of workable material for sculpting?

​Need to attach two items with an exact buffer?

Need to create a custom bushing, spacer or part?

​              Magic-Sculpt will do the job!