Epoxy Laminating Resin in 2-gallon kits.

The more you purchase the lower the price!

This 1:1 Mix resin is a very high quality for a great price. Customers say they use this 1:1 instead of a more expensive 2:1 or 3:1 resins. This adheres well to gelcoat.

Use with fiberglass, or as a glue, or a finish.

Customers have raved about Superez Laminating Epoxy not only because of the price but also because of its performance.

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Epoxy laminating resin is a 1:1 ratio lamination epoxy.  Superez laminating epoxy resin is a quality 1:1 mix epoxy.  Uses are for electrical potting, fiberglass repair, wood protection and more. Lamination epoxy resin.

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Laminating Epoxy Resin

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