Super Cast 80 

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Casting Resin.

$ 125.00  2-Gallon Kit

Super Cast 80, SuperCast 80 is a 2-part urethane casting resin.  This plastic resin is a 1:1 mix white casting resin.  This is a type of urethane resin that is a 3-minute resin. 

​​Sold in 2-gallon kits

Each kit contains 1 gallon of resin and 1 gallon of catalyst.

This tough 78 shore D casting plastic has the strength common to more

flexible materials.  Create impact resistant white castings that are non-sensitive

to moisture when cured.

Bonds to itself. 1:1 mix by volume.

Low viscosity.  Pour into molds made of

silicone, aluminum, polyurethane, or epoxy.

Working time is 3 minutes and it can be

demolded in 8-20 minutes at 77 degrees F.

Great for the manufacture of statues,

gears, toy soldiers, buttons,

architectural pieces, and so much more. 

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