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​​​​​​​​Reinforced Plastics Distributing, Inc.     954-584-2600         

Reinforced Plastics Distributing, Inc. a.k.a. Reinforced Plastics, and RPD or R.P.D. has been selling resins since 1991.  Our Superez table top resin is the best table top, bar top resin!. 

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​   ​​954-584-2600

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Reinforced Plastics has been shipping quality products since opening in 1991.  Our table top resin Superez has adorned many important establishments in this country as well as other countries.  Customers ask for Superez by name and have seen its quality and endurance.  Our laminating epoxy 1:1 resin is popular as well and economically priced too.

Also for other creative projects we sell epoxy clay, mold making silicones, and casting plastics. 

Customers have sent us pictures over the years to show their talents!  Our customers do wonderful things with our products. Your creativity is only limited by your imagination.​ We offer personalized service, high quality products, and good prices.  We ship promptly. We value each and every order and we have no minimum order to burden you.