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Since 1991 we have been providing customers with table top resin, casting resins, fiberglass, moldmaking silicones & urethanes, pigments, mold releases, fillers, clays, buffing compound and pads, and accessories.        We offer personalized service, high quality products, and good prices.  Our customers' success is our goal.     
Welcome to our site.  We ship quality products to those with creative projects.

 Call Us:     Monday through Thursday 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm. EST.  We ship U.P.S., FedEx, Common Carrier
 Email Us:          954-584-2600   or   863-226-9274                                                                                                                                                                                        


    Table Top Resin

    Laminating Epoxy Resin

    Decoupage resin

    Plaque Resin

    Table Top Resin  (click picture)


   Polyester Resins

   Casting Urethanes

   Clear Casting Resins

   Hand Lay-Up Polyester Resin


                    Resins     (click picture)

   -Chopped Strand Mat

   -Woven Roving



    All Fiberglass rolls are 50" wide

         Fiberglass    (Click picture)

   Silicone Moldmaking Rubber

   Urethane Moldmaking Rubber

    Moldmaking Materials    ( Click picture)

  Mirror Glaze #8

  TR 104 High Temp Release

  Formula Five Release

  Silicone Spray

       Mold Releases     (Click picture)

   Magic-Sculp Sculpting Clay

   Klean Klay Modeling Clay

          Clays              (Click picture)

   Pigments for tinting resins 
   Gelcoat pigment
   Universal colors for epoxies, polyesters, and urethanes

   Powdered pigments

              Pigments            (Click picture)


  We ship via U.P.S  - FEDEX  - COMMON CARRIER

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